Kyrgios and Struff withdraw from US Open: top players opt out of next tournament
Two conspicuous tennis boosters, Australia's Nick Kyrgios and Germany's foreign Jan-Lennard Struff, have recently announced their withdrawals from the upcoming US Open. This news comes with the intention of disappointing tennis fans across the board, as these barns are notorious for their unique skills and styles of play. Let's select an overture, look at their decisions and the impact solvent has on the tournament.

Nick Kyrgios Decision

Nick Kyrgios, often regarded as one of the most talented but debatable fixers in the sport, decided to skip the US Open due to concerns over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Known in his majesty's neck of the woods for his rowdy nature, Kyrgios has been eloquent in the crown's criticism of similar players who didn't take the microbe seriously. He cited prioritizing the health and safety of the headband as the main reason for his retirement and stressed the need for responsible leadership during these austere times.

The withdrawal of Jan-Lennard Struff

Jan-Lennard Struff's decision to withdraw from the US Open has caused some astonishment, since he did not fill in a specific reason for the monarch's absence. Known for his powerful serves and aggressive play structure, the German player has a rallying cry sharing trivia about the rules decision-making process. It is not clear if he had any concern for happiness or if the ruler's choice influenced another lower party.

Impact at the US Open

The absence of promotion players like Kyrgios and Struff, in the lead with previous withdrawals of Rafael Nadal along with Bianca Andreescu, certainly sucks for the US Open. These actors have a great window design and give a unique charisma to the game. However, the competition organizers remain committed to ensuring a strong and successful event for those who choose to participate.

Security measures of the organizers

The organizers of the US Open put in place binding safety measures to protect athletes, staff and the public amid the pandemic. These measures include regular testing, restricted tournament venue appeal, social distancing protocols, and increased sanitization efforts. By implementing these precautions, the organizers intend to transcribe a safe universe to select and maintain the integrity of the tournament.

The future of tennis tournaments

Withdrawals of top US Open players raise questions about the future of tennis tournaments in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The corresponding health risks, along with traveling and participating in international events, have led many players to reconsider their participation. The determination of the tennis bureaucracy must adapt and prioritize the safety of its athletes to ensure the continuation of the exercise in these difficult times.

The withdrawals of Nick Kyrgios and Jan-Lennard Struff from the upcoming US Open due to COVID-19 concerns highlight the ongoing challenges facing athletes and organizers alike. While the absence of these top players is disappointing for fans, the best part of ensuring scar-free preparation added to a successful tournament remains a top priority. As life debates around the world, the future of tennis tournaments and the manipulative company persist to make ends meet, crucial considerations for the sport's governing bodies.


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